More parents in Dubai opting for online tutors for their children


The digital education landscape is taking shape not just in the UAE but “the world over”, said experts.

More parents are now shifting to online tutoring apps for their kids, instead of having a teacher come over daily to support their studies.

For mum Kawal Sethi, the availability of online tutors is a big help for her children, considering how busy they are with their sports, hobbies and other interests.

“My kids have busy schedules and we prefer something where they would experience ‘learning on the go’, rather than having them pore through several books and putting them under a lot of pressure,” Kawal said.

Her children Shrey and Parin – Grade 7 and Grade 5 students at GEMS Modern Academy – are actively involved in cricket, swimming, communication and drama classes, and other school projects. With all the activities they have to juggle, the siblings have turned to online education platforms so they can study at their most convenient time. Both the boys are subscribed to learning app Byju. “A single session is approximately 30-45 minutes long and the class can be repeated, which is the best part since you can go back, review and understand things better . On top of that, there are industry experts who are just a phone call or an e-mail away and they are always happy to help,” Kawal said.

Another resident Radhika Chitale – whose son Aditya is in Year 12 at Dubai International Academy – said enrolling his son in an online platform also allows him to learn from teachers across the globe.

“Teachers from any part of the world can teach students via online portals. For us, online tutorials don’t disrupt conventional teaching patterns. They actually enhance them by removing the limitations of conventional methods,” Radhika said.

Aditya, on the other hand, thinks the digital method has been helping him learn better. “Teachers are quick to provide guided explanations whenever I have doubts. Another good thing about it is the availability of explanatory videos that help us understand the concepts,” he said.

Radhika said even choosing tutors is more convenient through the online platforms. “We have tried many different tutors from Milan, London and India, before we have finally settled with only Gore’s tutorials,” she said.

Vikram Gore, founder of Gore’s Learning Centre, said: “App-based education is a very positive trend in education. They allow students to watch animated content, study anywhere, anytime.”

The digital education landscape is taking shape not just in the UAE but “the world over”, said experts.

Rema Menon Vellat, director at Counselling Point, said: “With digital devices becoming an integral part of every young adult’s life, most students are able to adapt to this learning methodology easily. In most universities and schools, a technology-enhanced curriculum has become the norm.”

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